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Our Favorite Spots for a Coffee Break

 Where to have a Coffee Break in Milano

There are many things that buzz our minds when we think of the bustling city of Milano. The appetizing food, the remarkable wines, and the rich history. Not to mention the art and architecture are all well-organized by the Roman god Cupid under the fiery Italian sun.

Sure you can amble through the piazza with a gelato in hand. But nothing in the world compares to the feeling of discovering a café in a dazzling street of Milan.


Taking a little coffee break

Getting lost in a place where espresso originates can send adrenaline down your spine. There you’ll discover one of the greatest inventions of mankind; the smell of a freshly brewed coffee. But a good cup of coffee is not just a cup of coffee. It’s a vibe. And the perfect caffeine fix is greater than the sum of its parts. And here’s why with our four top picks:


1. Marchesi

One of the best ways to enjoy the coffee’s flavor profile is to pair it with pastries. And the excellence of Marchesi right here, offers a line up of decadent perfectly made pastries from a delicately baked Milanese Panettone to the finest Gianduiotto.

Sacher Torte is said to be the queen of chocolate cakes with its chocolate glaze and its rich velvety texture filled with jam. This darling is hands down the best thing to have in a chic place like Marchesi 1824.


2. Cova

This elegant old-fashioned coffee shop will definitely boost the nutty and chocolate tones of your coffee. Art is evident even at a first glance of their classic cakes, biscuits, delicate cream-filled pastries, and succulent fruit tarts.

And the chocolates? The heaven meets the earth on your palate as you savor the precious pralines oozing with the softest sweet feeling.


3. Four Seasons

We’d like to think that this place is an inspiration from Vivaldi’s famous piece The Four Seasons. Because a coffee break with a view of this phenomenal courtyard turns out to be a coffee concierto instead.

It’s nothing but a marvelous piece of architecture. The perfectly carved stone, the tranquil landscaped courtyard, and the lush trees perfectly rolling in a straight line at a distance from your coffee table are with both eyes closed astonishing.


4. Terrazza Rinascente

Ever wonder how many cups of coffee has been drunk down to the last drop at Terrazza Rinascente? Perhaps as many as you could possibly imagine. This might be just a small rooftop terrace but people keep on coming back.

Because you see, it’s not everyday that you’ll drink your coffee with the impeccable view of Piazza la Repubblica, the Duomo and all the way to the Tuscan hills. The backdrop is just beyond words.


Now you know that the best cup of coffee is more than just its aroma. Or its pleasant mix of flavor, acidity, and body. It’s a combination of your mood, the fair chunk of sweetness and bitterness of your Chocolate Cloud Cream cake. It’s the Tuscan sun and it’s the unexplainable art of being fulfilled at the moment.

So what goes best with a good cup of coffee? Another cup.



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