Paris, France: Best Walks In The City


Where to go for a Walk When in Paris

Walks in Paris are an experience unlike any other. You see, the spectacular French capital is one of those cities that’s meant to be strolled, and has been aptly recognized as a favorite among avid flâneurs or strollers. With treasures and scintillating experiences to be discovered at every turn, you’re better off exploring Paris on foot. This is the best way to truly experience the city and feel its heartbeat. With that in mind, here’s our top picks for best walks in Paris:


1. Palais Royal

Paris is a dazzling mix of inspiring monuments, luxury, and a certain undeniable charm. Let’s not forget the food (and wine!). And there’s no better place to start than with a walk to the prestigious Palais Royal (Royal Palace). The royal palace was built by Cardinal Richelieu in 1628 and is home to theatres, magnificent squares, and impressive architecture.

From the moment you step out of the metro at Palais-Royal on Place Colette, you are greeted with fantastic contemporary artwork, including the famous LeKiosque des Noctambules, an impressive craft made from Murano glass beads. The Palais-Royal is perfect for daytime leisure walks and there’s lots of cafes and bakeries nearby to recharge before hitting your next destination.


2. Tuileries

If you’re looking to capture the old-world elegance of Paris, then the Tuileries area is the place to be. Wander through luxurious plazas and galleries all walking distances away from the iconic Louvre Museum, then take a classic romantic walk in the fabulous Jardin des Tuileries with your Cheri.

The Tuileries gardens are among the most famous in the world and are simply jaw-dropping, especially during autumn. Come with a fully recharged camera as there is no shortage of Instagram-worthy backdrops for a walking photo-op.


3. Jardin de Luxembourg

Paris has often been called one of the most romantic cities on the planet and of the reasons for this is the exquisite Jardin de Luxembourg. Every turn tells a compelling story of beauty and sheer classic elegance. Even if you were exploring these gardens on your own, you could easily spend hours here sitting and reading, then walking, and taking dozens of pictures of course.

While the Jardin de Luxembourg offers a fantastic standalone walking tour, you can easily combine it with a leisure stroll to surrounding areas, such as the Boulevard Saint-Germain, an incredibly beautiful park inspired by Italian style gardens.


4. Along the Seine

No Paris walking tour is complete without a stroll along the banks of the Seine. If you’re in a sporty mood, this is also a great jogging and biking spot. Either way, meandering along the Seine is an amazing way to enjoy all the different escapades on the river, and get a glimpse of its islands and bridges.

There’s lots to see and do here and you can always combine your walk with a short boat cruise or even stop for a picnic. What’s more, there’s no better place to enjoy the magical sunset in Paris than sitting by the Seine at dusk.

Walks in Paris are pretty much the only way to truly enjoy the unique charm and culture of this beautiful city. You’ll get to really see how Parisians live and unwind, while also sampling some of the finest wines and cuisines on the planet.










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